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Welcome to RubberDollars.Com
** The finest in hardcore latex kink**

Are your surfers hungry for the highest quality exclusive fetish content?  Well, turn that traffic into money, with RubberDollars.Com!  We provide websites that are constantly updated with one-of-a-kind rubber fetish content.  From our flagship site, RubberDoll.Net, to our exciting new venture, ShinySluts.Com, your latex loving surfers will keep coming back for more and you will watch your sales grow.


What sites are in the program?
RubberDollars features two of the leading Latex Fetish sites on the web.  The flagship site, RubberDoll.Net, was launched in 2000 and is the official home of international fetish model and performer, RubberDoll.  On her site, RubberDoll invites her fans to enjoy every aspect of her pervy latex lifestyle, including wicked fetish play, candid behind the scenes footage and top notch photos and videos.  The second site in our program is ShinySluts.Com.  It was spawned when the creators of RubberDoll.Net decided to branch out and shoot content featuring other hot models in kinky latex scenes.  Both sites are tailor made for latex, fetish, gothic, and alternative adult fans.

How does it work?
It's very simple.  You just register for an affiliate account, use your special linking code to link to our sites, and earn a commission for every sale you send, including all rebills.  It's that easy.

How much does it pay?
Our program pays you 50% of all sales, including rebills, for the life of the subscription.  
We also pay 10% for webmaster referrals.  That means if you refer another webmaster to this program, you earn a percentage of his/her sales too.

What tools are offered?
We provide you with all the tools you need to promote our sites.  Eye-catching banners and tantalizing free hosted galleries will help to send your surfers into our leak-free tours, where they will be treated to a peek at what's waiting inside the sites.  If you have any specific promo needs or requests, just ask us.

How can I check my progress?
All billing and affiliate tracking is provided by CCBill, one of the most trusted 3rd party billing companies in the business.  You can check your real-time stats and get a full accounting anytime you want.


Any Other Questions?
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